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 Dragon slayer guide

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ciphon w
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PostSubject: Dragon slayer guide   Sat Dec 11, 2010 10:19 pm

Hey all ciphon w here, I recently got alot of people asking how to do dragon slayer, so I looked in the forum, and saw that there was a guide, but not a very good one, so I'm here to improve it.

Items needed: amulet of glory, lassar teleport for ancient Magic, map to crandor (obtained in quest), and if your weak, combat runes
Skills needed: ability to kill a lvl 83 dragon

Step 1: go to the champions guild south of varrok, and go through the door and talk to the guy inside, he will tell you that he knows a person that might have a quest for you, once you're done talking to him, teleport to Pvp using your quest guide and go northwest to the farthest house and go in it, and talk to the person inside.

Step 2: he will tell you to kill a dragon, and to talk to the guildmaster on how to do it (go back to the house south of varrok and talk to the same guy who started the quest for you)

Step 3: once that's done and he tells you what you need to do, use ::ancients to go to your ancient spellbook and use the lassar teleport (if you don't want to teleport using the lassar tele, just teleport to the prayer training area, and walk from there), which will teleport you to a snowy mountain, once there, walk north to find the oracle, who will give you the map to crandor.

Step 4: with the map, use the amulet of glory to teleport to port sarin, and talk to the seaman who'll take you to crandor

Step 5: prepare to fight! Now you just need to go in the dungeon and kill elvrag, once you do that, return to the guildmaster south of varrok, and your quest will be complete

Getting a quest cape: if you talk to jeb98 ingame and ask him to spawn a wise old man, he will might do it and then you can talk to the wise old man to get a quest cape, or pureskill03, might spawn him, I'm not sure, since I've never asked him, but its up to him so if he says no, then that's his call

Note: if there is anything missing incomplete or incorrect about this guide, please let me know

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Dragon slayer guide

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