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 Final Elite - Fletching Guide

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Final Elite

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PostSubject: Final Elite - Fletching Guide   Sat Jun 12, 2010 12:57 pm

Hello Guys,

This is a quick and simple guide for Fletching.

First of all Teleport to The Fletching Master Using the Fletching skill on the Skill Tab.

Then talk to Hickton who will give you a Knife.

If you have logs after getting 99 Woodcutting in your bank it should be enough. Other wise cut some logs.

After you get the logs needed, Use your knife that Hickton gave you and carve them.

Level 1-15: "Logs"

Level 15-30: "Oak Logs"

Level 30-45: "Willow Logs"

Level 45-65: "Maple Logs"

Level 65-75: "Yew Logs"

Level 75-99: "Magic Logs"

Logs - Bronze Arrows
Oak Logs - Iron Arrows
Willow Logs - Steel Arrows
Maple Logs - Mithril Arrows
Yew Logs - Adamant Arrows
Magic Logs- Rune Arrows

Time taken 1-99: If you have 99 Woodcutting and Saved up the logs it shouldn't take you more than 20min. If you're training Woodcutting and Fletching 1-99 at once it will take a longer time because of the overlaping between the skills (woodcutting takes longer to train). Aproximately Around 1h.

Hope This Helps!

Firemaking Guide Comming Soon!

Thank You!
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Im S0 H00d

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PostSubject: Re: Final Elite - Fletching Guide   Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:46 am

Very helpful thanks
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Final Elite - Fletching Guide

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