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 Final Elite - Woodcutting Guide

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Final Elite

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PostSubject: Final Elite - Woodcutting Guide   Sat Jun 12, 2010 12:15 pm

Hello Guys,

This is going to be a quick and simple Woodcutting Guide for players new to Kidd-Scape or RS.

First of all. You need to teleport using the Woodcutting skill on the Skills Tab.

Then talk to "Woodcutting Master".

After talking to you he will give you an Inferno Adze.

Notice: You do not have to be wearing it to cut trees. You just need it in you inventory.

Now you can start cutting trees:

Level 1-15: "Tree"

Level 15-30: "Oak"

Level 30-45: "Willow"

Notice: The fastest way to get to Willows is by Clicking on the Cooking Skill in the Skills Tab and going West.

Level 45-60: "Maple tree"

Notice: The best place (for me) to cut Maple trees is South of Sorcerer's Tower which is south of the Woodcuting Tutor.

Level 60-75: "Yew"

Notice: It can be found just a bit North-West of Willows (west of catherby).

Level 75-99: "Magic tree"

Time Taken:
1-15: 1-3min
15-30: 5-8min
30-45: Around 8min
45-60: 10-15min
60-75: 15-20min
75-99: 25-30min

Total time taken 1-99: Around 1h 30min

What to do with the Logs?

1. Sell

Logs: 15k
Oak Logs: 31k
Willow Logs: 62k
Maple Logs: 125k
Yew Logs: 250k
Magic Logs: 500k

2. Fletching or Firemaking
I do not want to make 3 in 1 Guide for Woodcutting, Fletching and Firemaking because the the levels overlap (woodcutting takes longer).

Fletching and Firemaking Guides Comming Soon Very Happy!

Hope This Helps Some People.

Thank You!
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Im S0 H00d

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PostSubject: Re: Final Elite - Woodcutting Guide   Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:48 am

Helped alot matey thanks for the help Very Happy
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Final Elite - Woodcutting Guide

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